About Us – Starry Candle


Starry Candle was born out of a desire to connect with the spiritual world and inspire like-minded individuals. Our founders noticed there was no real horoscope community. As we grew up, we became obsessed with astronomy and yoga which have served as a foundation for our community.


Our goal is to question everything, help others and do good.


Where did we come from? How do the stars affect my life? Is our fate already decided?


In 2020, we decided to look for a deeper meaning. A true connection to the world. We create Starry Candle to bring light and joy to the world. With astrology (much like astronomy), we all come from the same place. The stars. So we wanted to replicate the experience in a monthly subscription sure to delight.


Every purchase goes towards bettering the world for others. That’s why we have teamed up with Starlight.org, a non-profit focused on lighting the night for children across the galaxy.


That’s why we donate 10% of every purchase to their cause. Delivering happiness to ill children with serious illnesses. Use promo code 'happy' for $10 off every month :)


As you look in the night sky, be grateful for what you have and envision a better world.


The answers have been here all along. It's your turn to unlock them.

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