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Taurus Horoscope Box

Represented by the bull, Taurus are determined and solid, willing to go the extra mile to build a life that they love. Ruled by Venus, they are naturally drawn to beauty and love to enjoy the finer things in life. 


Yet, because Taurus is an Earth Sign, they know how much work it takes to get there! They are always reliable and tend to be a rock for those around them. Just don’t cross a Taurus: as they may forgive, but will never forget.


Luxury Taurus Candle

($49 value)
  • 11oz candle made with a Natural Soy-Wax Blend
  • Hand Poured in Small Batches in the USA
  • Alternating fragrance every month to match your horoscope
  • Approximately 70-90 Hour Burn Time
  • Relieves stress, controls anxiety, & relax mind and body

Personalized Taurus Horoscope Reading

($10 value)
  • Crafted unique for each zodiac sign
  • In-depth overview of emotions, strengths, weaknesses
  • Highlights the fragrance for the month and how it relates to your mood
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